okay so im probably gonna get a lot of hate because of this but whatever…okay it really bothers me when gay people say that they were born like that..um no you werent if God wanted you to like the same sex he would of made you the opposite sex..okay so it might not say anything in the bible about gay people, but it does so God destroyed an entire town because there were gay people…..that might not of been the only reason but it was one of the reasons….i honestly dont care how many people dont like what i gotta say but i really dont care because if gay people can express their opinion without getting a lot of hate then so should people that dont like so yeah im done 

"She has acne"  You think she likes having red bumps all over her face?

"Shes not a size zero"  So, some of us aint afraid to eat a cookie.

"She has a lot of freckles"  No, she has angel kisses.

"Wow, she has braces"  Who cares? They look cute.

"Her eyes are dark brown."  Still as pretty as blue.

"She’s so ugly"  No…everyone is beautiful in some way.

"She has scars"  Yeah and its your fault..