"She has acne"  You think she likes having red bumps all over her face?

"Shes not a size zero"  So, some of us aint afraid to eat a cookie.

"She has a lot of freckles"  No, she has angel kisses.

"Wow, she has braces"  Who cares? They look cute.

"Her eyes are dark brown."  Still as pretty as blue.

"She’s so ugly"  No…everyone is beautiful in some way.

"She has scars"  Yeah and its your fault..

6 years old: blue ribbon,silk ribbon  streaming through my hair. pigtails,toothless smie…mirror am i prettty yet?

10 years old: ponytail, bobby pins taming my messy hair chubby thighs, crooked smile….mirror am i pretty yet? 

14 years old: straight hair, lipstick, mascara running down my face trembling knees broken smile……mirror am i pretty yet?

16 years old: messy bun, chapped lips sobby eyes, and bloody wrists, bony thighs, fake smile…..mirror am i pretty yet?